Maintenance & Repair Tips for Smelly Wine Fridges in Perth

Mini fridges like a wine fridge are great if you are a student or someone living away from home. Having a mini fridge is also advantageous if you are a homeowner with limited space or you do not have enough space for your refrigerator.

Fridge repairs PerthAside from homeowners, wine fridges can also be used in commercial establishments. These appliances are nothing short of essential to any establishment that sells or food to customers. It does not only keep the food fresh and maintain its quality, but it also prevents any incidence of food poisoning from happening.

However, the problem with mini fridges is that they easily develop fridge odour. Luckily, cleaning this fridge is easy and you do not need to turn off your refrigerator to clean it and if it is off already then that is no matter. Instead what you have to do is to remove the food, drinks and other contents of the fridge that are likely causing the bad odour first. Then remove the shelving and clean using soapy water. After that, wipe down the interior of the refrigerator from the top down paying special attention to floor of the refrigerator where any spills, or crumbs of old food may have ended up.

A nice trick in keeping your wine fridge of producing bad odour is using lemon. This will keep your fridge smelling fresh and free of bad breath.


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