EWaste Recycling

According to United Nations environmental program forty nine million metric tonnes electronic waste alone is generated annually across the globe. Not to mention the other type of solid waste we generate from homes and commercial premises.

commercial cleaning PerthThese high figures of electronic waste produced in the country can be very alarming and hazardous for the health of the people, plants and animals living over there. Thousands of mobile devices, computers, tablets and laptops and many other electronic devices every year are exchanged for a new one. Hence those electronic devices that are no longer used contribute to the alarming amount of electronic waste.

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Recycling can be our solution to this problem. The idea of electronic recycling or E Recycling has been around few decades ago. The first and foremost benefit of recycling the electronics is that it is an environmental friendly process obviously. Secondly, E recycling can prevent electronic waste from being left untreated or dumped in the soil so that it will no longer leak poisonous gases which can cause major life threat to flora, fauna and people living in the locality. Finally, recycling your electronic devices save some resources and energy.

Find out more about E Recycling by reading this page: http://www.recycleworks.org/ewaste